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Scherf Farms is a grass based dairy and on farm creamery commited to producing the best possible products while maintaining high standards in animal care and sustainable farming. We only sell dairy and meat products produced on our farm. When you talk to a Scherf famiy member you are talking to the person that planted the grass, fed the cows, milked the cows, and bottled the milk. There are easier ways to produce dairy products, but no better way to produce the best tasting, highest quality dairy products available. Were convinced you will "TASTE THE DIFFERENCE".
Scherf Farms produces Grade A state inspected dairy products. That means we are held to the highest sanitary standards to ensure you are drinking the safest milk available. We do not sell milk under the guize of "pet food" or "herd share" to avoid these regulations.
Our milk is not homogenized. This is called cream line milk. Homogenization breaks up the fat in the milk to avoid the cream from settling to the top of bottle. Homogenization has been linked to poor digestibility of milk, cream line milk is said to be better for those with lactose intolerance. We believe less processing makes a healthier product.
Our cows feed on pastures as often as mother nature permits. This more natural diet produces higher quality milk and healthy happy cows. When pasture is not available the girls are offered dry or high moisture hay. The milking herd is also fed a small amount of a grain based mineral supplement each morning and night at milking time to ensure they are maintaining the correct vitamins and minerals.
Our herd consist of only registered Jersey cows. Jersey milk has a rich, smooth flavor because it naturally contains higher percentages of protein, calcium, and other important nutrients than milk from other dairy breeds
Our cows never receive growth or reproductive hormones, period.
We never feed sub-therapeudic antibiotics. We will, however use anitbiotics to treat sick animals. We never vary from label or veterinarian directions and all treated animals are withdrawn from production per the manufacturers recommendations. EVERY batch of milk is tested in our own on farm certified lab to ensure no anti-biotics are present.
7059 N. 600 West
Michigan City, Indiana 46360
P/T 219-561-1341

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